Colors of the Garden

Another growing week in the garden, this time featuring more varieties of veggies. We had our first harvest of string beans this week, as well as a couple peppers peeking through the leaves. In addition, our first eggplant ripened and was sold at farmstand. The colors of the garden are spreading as August begins to wind down.

Yesterday we had the women's soccer team come down early in the morning, and they were a huge help. They constructed a component of the compost bin system, a cinder block bunker intended to hold carbon material (like dried leaves) to add into the compost pile. They also helped to sand down the picnic tables to ready them for stain, cleaned onions, and harvested basil. We had a large harvest of three types of basil - large Italian leaf, purple, and sweet thai. Sweet thai basil was a favorite. It has more of a licorice scent, and is really great to cook in soup or with chicken.

As the season goes on, the plants are producing more and more fruit. Notably, our tomato plants are thriving, but we have noticed that a lot of the fruit on our heirloom plants have rot. End rot is common to heirloom tomatoes, but this rot extended to the whole fruit - after doing some research, we concluded that the rot was due to a calcium deficiency. We purchased lime, which is rich in calcium, to make a slurry (lime and water stirred together in a bucket until lime is dissolved) to water the roots of the plants with in hopes of some healthier tomatoes soon. Our sweet potatoes are starting to bloom, too! The sweet potato is in the same family as a morning glory, which is especially noticeable when the sweet potatoes bloom.

We have also noticed that someone else likes our watermelons, too - we found two baby watermelons completely hollowed out by a critter. We were thinking a skunk, any other thoughts?

Thank you for all who helped in the garden this past summer! We are so excited to have more students and faculty back on campus. Note: there will not be a farmstand this week, but look for us the first week of classes on Thursday 11:00-1:00 in front of Alliot!

- Erin


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