2017 Summer Crew

Every season brings a crop of new garden volunteers, dedicated returning volunteers and garden program alumni to the growing season.  We often tackle big projects when these loyal folks visit, but our core garden crew keeps our season running smoothly.  Furthermore, they quickly become student leaders amongst their peers and our community members.  We've been blessed every year for 9 growing seasons with strong, dedicated and engaged students.  This season is no exception!

Without further ado, meet our crew!

Ivy Luke, '18 is a Biology and Spanish double major with a minor in Environmental Studies from Milford, Massachusetts. She was first introduced the Garden Program her sophomore year when she
began volunteering at both the Organic Garden and Permaculture site through the MOVE program, Outdoor Volunteer Efforts. Ivy quickly fell in love with working down in the garden, and she became a regular volunteer. Now, she serves as one of two MOVE Core team leaders for Outdoor Volunteer Efforts, who get to bring students down to the garden. 

When she first started volunteering, Ivy had little agricultural experience, but she has learned so much in just this past
year. She is most amazed at just how far the Garden Program has come since she started volunteering just over a year ago. She especially enjoyed being a part of the hoop house construction last spring and orchard planting this fall. She has always been fascinated by nature, and she thinks that gardening has this way of connecting people back to the Earth. Ivy loves thinking about the gardens that her grandparents have had at their houses since she was little and getting fresh vegetables right from their yards. 

Gardening is a hands-on experience and it teaches people about where their food comes from. This is especially important today because a lot of families do not have access to fresh foods, and having the Garden Program on campus, we are able to donate a portion of our harvest. She hopes that everybody gets the chance to stop by the garden and see all of the wonderful things that are going on down there.

Lizzie McCarty, ’18, is an Environmental Science major with a Biology minor from Newton, Massachusetts. She is interested in food security and education.  She believes that you can’t fully understand where the food you eat is coming from until you dig your hands into the soil and harvest your first vegetable. 

Lizzie first came to the garden as a volunteer through a sustainable food procurement class and has been coming back ever since, spending any free time during the week tending to the vegetables. Her favorite farm tasks include the harvest process, she especially enjoys picking cherry tomatoes, and talking to customers while working the farm stand. Above all, she is overjoyed to be working outside this summer while also providing fresh and healthy food for the community.

Lizzie has a particular interest in working towards breaking barriers of justice, equity and environmental health within the food system, especially after exploring these topics throughout the courses she has taken here at Saint Mike’s centered around sustainable agriculture and food systems. When her hands aren’t covered in soil, she enjoys photography, hiking, and has recently begun to experiment with cooking, especially using fresh produce from our farm. At school, she is a part of Green Up leadership, a member of the MOVE Service Trip Committee, and a Pre-Orientation Weekend leader.

Kristen McDowell, ’19, is a rising junior pursuing an Environmental Studies major with a focus in justice and sustainability. She is from Castle Rock, Colorado and decided to stay up in Vermont for the summer of 2017. She was lucky enough to get a part time position at the Permaculture site through June 30th

Kristen was a part of the permaculture site within her first week as a student at St. Michael's through the new student orientation program SMC Connects. The group built raised beds, prepared the field plots, and helped out with various chores within the garden. Since then, Kristen has returned to the site with several classes and a volunteer group. From seeing the garden transform over the past couple of years, she was more and more impressed with the potential of the farm. The site has the ability to have a farm stand to sell fresh and organic food to the students and staff of Saint Michael’s in addition to donating it to families who cannot afford healthy food on a regular basis. Watching the plants sprout, cultivating the produce, selling or donating the finished product, and being a part of the process is very rewarding for Kristen. She hopes that after her time at Saint Michael’s, there will be opportunities to give to her community in a similar way. 

Kristen’s favorite plants at the permaculture site are the peas and her favorite vegetable is the potatoe. Kristen hopes to encourage her peers and professors to go down the garden and become a part of the wonderful community the site has to offer.


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