Getting our Groove On

Sitting in the Center this dreary Friday afternoon we've finally been given a moment to look back upon the beginning of the summer season. As we updated our 4-month calendar we were shocked to realize that we have been at this for five weeks already! It feels like we began our first days just a week ago, yet we have learned more in this time span than I ever thought was possible. This past week in particular we have been given opportunities to test our new farm knowledge, and, to be quite honest, I am thoroughly impressed in our abilities. This Wednesday we were faced with a challenge that made me realize just how much we've grown since the end of May.

All started out well as we began our normal Wednesday mowing routine: Ivy pulling the big mower on the gator, myself on the push mower, and Kristen on the weedwacker. Partway through our work, the main irrigation line was mowed over and torn in half. Although normally running over the line with the mower would be no big deal, the mower hit the line just right, ripping it to shreds. Faced with a big problem, Ivy and I set out for a solution. We quickly found and cut more irrigation and grabbed connectors and brackets to hold the system together, quickly getting to work with our toolbox on repairing the irrigation.

This experience, although quite a common occurrence on a farm, made me realized just how comfortable we have become with the farm itself and how confident we have become in our own abilities. If this problem had arose three weeks ago, I don't think that we would have been able to solve it as quickly as we did, especially on our own. Instead of freaking out and proclaiming that the whole system was ruined (although, yes, there was a momentary freak out), we were able to think logically about the situation and come up with a quick solution.



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